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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chicago school age children shot and school age children homicides 2013

School age children killed 10

School age children shot 38
18 year old shot in Morgan Park
Boy, 15, shot on Southeast Side, critically injured
2 teens shot in Back of the Yards 15,16
17 year old shot in Gresham


Beyond The Political Spectrum said...

I can't help but wonder what happened to my hometown...!


Anonymous said...

you have to ask?!
it's obvious like the Great Black Dad came here to run the country in to the ground Tiny Terror In A TuTu is runiing the city from a nosedive to a graveyard spin

Anonymous said...

The truth is, most of these kids either on the giving or receiving end of the gun violence in Chicago are for the most part are/were unwanted.they were born simply out of ignorance or means to a end financially (welfare checks) there is no threat of "wait till your father gets home" if the biological parents fail to rear them as human beings, don't expect society to do it. there is absolutely nothing we can do for them by the time they decide to kill. They are feral, and belong in cages.
Fuck sake, people know to spay and neuter their pets for the same goddamned reason..

laker said...

this is the direct result of influence by the "community organizer in chief".
well done barry, way to ruin-n-run.
and jarrett, and axelrod, and rahm, and etc etc etc

and like LBJ said 40 some years ago: "I'll have them niggers voting democrat for the next 200 years!!!"
and they do, and so the ultimate racist - a democrat - was correct. they do.

enjoy your democrat politics, inner city youth.
too bad your parents never gave you a chance ........

Anonymous said...

Can't we just refer to these as peer to peer "post-term abortions"? It just sounds better ...since the kids aren't being cared for anyways.

Anonymous said...

There are some words that can cause cold shivers to run down your spine like someone yelling "fire" in the movie theater, can only be whispered in the black community. Incest! The secret is out and is long overdue to do something about it.
There is a common idea in the black community that it is in bad form to air our dirty laundry in public and it is precisely this idea that has protected generation after generation of incestuous fathers stepfathers, brothers and uncles. Statistics from the Justice Department show that anywhere from 7% to 30% of all American women have experienced inappropriate sexual attention from a male family member. In the African American community the numbers of similar, but the acts tend to be more brutal and callous.With no barometer in which to measure it, the incidence of incest in the African-American community can only be estimated, since reported cases comprise a small fraction of the overall numbers. Recent data from the Center for Sexual Studies estimate. that family members molest thousands of children each year, with an even larger number going unreported.
Designated the last taboo of the Black community, few people are willing to talk about it. Blacks still insist that incest primarily occurs in the European community, but rarely among Blacks. But if the data and shocking stories told to me by the women in this article are any indication, the problem is more common than most of us are willing to admit.

Anonymous said...

The Blood of Jesus
I rebuke this spirit of Ignorance, and hatred in the name of Jesus
Be not Deceived God is Not Mocked, so
Put your mouth to these words if you want too
And to answer your question YES you should FEAR God
He is taking back The City of Chicago ( as if He ever lost it in the first place)
This sight is disrespectful and needs to be shut down. You willfully allow people to post vile things. Its repulsive
Im going to get before God about you
You post His words but yet show no reverence to Him
Denying the Power thereof!!!
You have your reward

Anonymous said...

End times ,shall i say more.